November 04, 2010

You Can Just Walk Away

My heart still beats for You.
Scream for You.
Waiting for You.

Fortunately,I can't wait for too long.
I have to go. Not for seaching other guy.
I have my own reason. 

On the last day I gave You A @ ONE CALLIN, that day if You realize I'll never come back to You.
Forget the past. I'm not give up,but I'm tired enough to dig You heart. From one day to another day,from a moment to million moment,from the first day I saw You till today, I still can't grab Your heart. Feelin so hard to deal with the pain of losing You ,but I'm doing it. Put a high burden in my heart to get rid someone that I really adore. Deny me in Your life.

Now You can just walk away.
Fly for Your freedom. Settin free. 
Find Your true love One. 
Go LOne RanGer


Anonymous said...

chill baby. if u really meant to love him,then go ahead. dont stop. i know u love him. love him as u are not hoping that he is also will love him. this is the rule of love. give him baby.

FIQAFI said...

siapa kamu?

azlan said...

saya tau siapa lelaki itu.biarkan dia di d sana.