November 30, 2010

Not In Mood

Nice to jump here againt after last night. Feel too sorrow since I have to packed all my stuff. OMG! I have no strength to do all that. Not my wish actually to going there. Opps! Sorry! Violent you to confess in that way! This Saturday at 7.00 a.m we will start our ''journey'' to Sarawak. My mom looks too excited to making preparation. Ahhh!! She bought many things such as JERUK BUAH PALA.. No! I forgot whats the  actually name of the jeruk.

Right now I tend to spent my time with sleeping. What a lazy girl. Ceit! Shut off!
With many troubles appear lately,I think this life is cruel. Why not give me chance to dancing for a moment? So much unpredictables things occur. I did not have enough time to make a good decision. Suppose I blamed myself because I can't settle all the doubfull,don't blame time Fatin. Stupid you are. Ceit!

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