March 29, 2010

p/s ALL oUT oF loVE LYRICS..

Dedicated for My Beloved Bother..
Act DIS iS mY bEloved BIG bRO fEVRET sONG ,Few Years Ago.. but I doN kNOW if He StILL lOves DIS sONG OR NOT...
wAT im Thinking aBout!!!
BRo, aS tHE oNLY One Daughter iN Dis FAMLY,i HAV rITE 2 mAKE OUR fAMLY sMILe ALL d TIME... EVEN i KNOw WANT IM TALKING BOUT IS iMPOsiBLE,I STIll Hope Our fAMLY WIll b Together foRever n EVer....

aduh!! x Pandai Speaking lar!!!

bro,if u read dis page,please listen 2 dis song...
i owes listen dis SOng b4 GOING 2 BED..

Artist : Air SupplyLirik Lagu : Air Supply - All Out Of Love Lyrics
Air Supply - All Out Of Love Lyrics
(Graham Russell, Clive Davis)

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too but what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart I wish
I could carry your smile in my heart
For times when my life seems so low
It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know, doesn't really know


I'm all out of love,
I'm so lost without youI know you were right,
believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without youI can't be too late to say
I was so wrong
I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long, lonely nights
I'm reaching for you, are you feeling it too?
does the feeling seem oh, so right?
And what would you say if
I called on you now
And said that I can't hold on?
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please love me or
I'll be gone,
I'll be gone


Ooh, what are you thinking of
What are you thinking of
What are you thinking of
what are you thinking of

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FGump said...

ehehe cool....

u must speak english,bloging here with me in english will improve ur english.dont worry,u cant be good in english just overnite but if u practice everyday then u ll be good.i have a lot of fren of re cant speak english.even yuslina cant speak english very well.why? becos they never was since i in form 1,i like record a song from a radio,at that time we dont have computer or laptop.when i recorded it,i would play and replay it again and again.becos at that time i cant get lyrics so easy like now,so i wrote down what i think the lyrics say.its not really correct but i later i realise that i can pronounce the word quite good.but my grammar is not really good.during the time at mrsm,my mark in englidh is almost the same like others,even some of them is better then me.but when it came speaking,i can speak like no problem at grammar is not so correct,but i have no shame to speak with anybody.even until now,most malay have good mark in english,but they cant speak in english.during interview,nobody care about grammar,becos in interview they ask,u answer.they dont check ur grammar.i answer every question very confidently.becos english is not a problem.i dont mean to show off to you.but i hope i can inspire u to be better than me.u can do it!

i like this song.actually it has so many version.but the version sang by Air Supply is the best.i still love this song until taste in music havent change alot.i still love the old music.becos i m too bz to follow up with latest music.furthermore,old song would remind me all old good times we been thru.i like this song forever.i was like u too,i like to listen to music till i get asleep.dont worry just do it,it can release out stress.

keep replying in english to me ok...dont wory it rite or wrong...soon later u be good...

---forest gump---